Business process services

Finance & Accounting

Helping you protect yourself against undue financial losses

  • Fight online fraud and chargebacks at lowest possible cost
  • Expert manual review analysts as a service for as low as $1,300 to $1,800 per analyst per month
  • No on-boarding, training and account management fees


fraud prevention

Prevent online transaction frauds. Minimize chargebacks and fraud related financial losses.

  • Fraud Identification – Building and validating predictive models using analytics and other cutting edge techniques like Machine Learning and NLP.
  • Fraud Detection – Identifying potential frauds and eliminating false positives to assess fraud triggers.
  • Fraud Investigation – To conduct root cause analysis and document results that facilitate corrective actions.


Human Resources

Discover, assess and recruit the best talent within a swift turnaround time.

  • Project staffing and research support – Devising personalised recruiting strategies that precisely meets your objectives, needs and demands.
  • Recruitment solutions – Our sophisticated talent sourcing methodology helps you to efficiently build the talent pipeline, tailored to the technology, domain and geography.
  • HR services – Improve employee satisfaction and retention rates, increase speed and accuracy of all your payroll related tasks.


Process Automation

Connect better, enhance your customer experience and increase your process productivity with automation.

  • Strategy – Identifying the right automation strategy to maximize your efficiency through our innovation, technical and domain expertise.
  • Implementation – Seamless implementation of personalised automation methodologies, ensuring minimal interference to ongoing operations.
  • Support – Comprehensive support and robust maintenance services, to precisely suit your automation landscape.



Cloud & Infrastructure Migrate to Cloud and drive ROI with reduced operational costs, while allowing your business to scale in a secure environment

Commerce Modernize your website, and enable your products and services realize their full potential with our expert Magento consultancy.

Automation From ideation, design and testing to latest architectures, migration and sustained engineering

Big Data
& AI Detect anomalies faster and increase productivity with future-ready business applications that continue to improve themselves over time

Applications Ensure data accuracy, accelerate your business growth, increase productivity (efficiencies) and achieve operational excellence across Organization

Engineering Modernize your legacy systems and stay ahead of the competition with latest architectures and cutting edge technologies.

case studies

In today’s digitally disruptive world, to lead is to embrace a purposeful innovation. With this in mind, and over 2 decades of domain expertise, CES is helping enterprises across diverse industry verticals to successfully optimize and enhance delivery with our strategy-focussed and agile-driven approach.

To mention few, here are cases on how our strategy has helped our clients gain a competitive advantage.

fraud management

Fighting online fraud and chargebacks at low cost for Amazon

Healthcare IT Services

How CES data analytics & BI services for a leading healthcare provider...


Expert highly skilled human talent as a service to clients


If you don’t want just another job, and a career is what you intend, we are probably in the same boat. Join the best minds and evolve your skills.

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